MKU courses: Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language & Bachelor of Arts in Community Development


The Bachelor of Actuarial Science degree program prepares candidates to get a place as an actuary. Actuarial Science deals with creating strategies and models for economic, industry, and social issues affecting unpredictable forthcoming scenarios. Economic architects and social statistics have been used to identify actuarial professionals, commonly known as actuaries. Actuaries, generally speaking, predict the prices of possible uncertainties and help citizens make intelligent financial choices. It creates simulations to estimate the current financial consequences of unknown future events. When major insurance firms or other organizations need an actuarial scientist’s expertise, they often search for them around the foreign market. It’s due to a national and geographic scarcity.

Students can interpret, develop, evaluate, and conquer complex market challenges as a result of this program’s multidisciplinary structure. It’s one of those MKU courses intended to keep pace with the most recent world of business. It builds a solid foundation for the workplace, providing the requisite qualifications, ethical values, and basic awareness for corporate conclusions. Today’s corporate climate necessitates dynamic players who are well-versed in their fields to deal proactively with problems in fast-paced, intensely competitive

The Department of Social and Development Studies at Mount Kenya University provide a four-year, packaged, on-campus Bachelor of Arts in Community Development, it’s but one of those MKU courses awarded from the Institute of Social Science, The program is intended to provide students with specialized, professional-level knowledge in Community Growth, The Bachelor of Arts in Community Development curriculum is designed to introduce students to various education, study, experience, abilities, behaviours, and perspectives from real-world contexts, It helps students plan for issues in Development Studies, The program reflects on community development’s financial, societal, and political systems.

Furthermore, the MKU courses provide management and leadership education, which is a remarkable aspect. Graduates in the Bachelor of Pharmacy program will operate with policymakers and the country’s broader health-care sector. This practice is for learners who choose to work as a Drug Regulator, Pharmacist, or Quality Controller. This course will enhance your listening and people skills, which will help you advance throughout your career. It can help you develop your understanding of science and medicine research. This class will instruct you for pharmacy supervisor, pharmacist, production control, medical author, and clinical research partner, among others.

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